15+ Best Affiliate Networks & Programs That Pay Through Payoneer 2018

PayPal is the easiest method to get paid. But for every easy method, there’s a serious problem. PayPal is not available in every country. Don’t worry because there is an alternative method of your payment and that is PayoneerYou can get your affiliate programs payment through Payoneer.

I’m from Bangladesh. The matter of sadness is PayPal isn’t allowed for this country. But I’m an International Student in Canada for that reason I’m able to use a PayPal account easily. But everyone may not be as lucky as I am.

People like us can use Payoneer as a PayPal alternative. Payoneer is a global payment service allowed in 205+ countries. Means it is the worlds widest global payment network.

The idea of choosing Payoneer as an alternative to PayPal hit me when I wasn’t able to draw out my payment directly. Rather I had to wait a long time to transfer the money to me via bank. So I started to look for a solution and finally I found it. The solution is that Payoneer provides you with a Free MasterCard that you can use to pay directly or cash your money from any MasterCard ATM booth Worldwide.

Most of the affiliate program pay via direct deposit. You can use Payoneer Global Payment Service for that. 

With the free MasterCard, you can also get a $25 reward once you receive a payment of $100

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